Flyash brick and paver block machine 2021-04-10T14:59:33+00:00
The Nanolite Automatic Flyash Brick & Paver Block Machine is capable of producing various products such as Flyash Bricks, Solid Concrete Blocks, Interlocking Pavers, Hollow Blocks, Kerbstones, Ventilation blocks etc.The raw materials are loaded into the mixer(s) trough a fully automated batching plant or manually based on the planned production capacity. The ratios of raw material to be feeded are based on the target product strength, application, local availability of raw material and other specifications. The specially designed pan mixer would thoroughly mix the material till the required uniform texture is achieved. Thus obtained wet concrete is moved to the Hydro-Vibro pressing machine trough conveyer belt. The material would be stored in the hopper and the concrete feeder would load the material to the mould box which is loaded with a wooden or recycled plastic pallet. High frequency vibrators would ensure uniform loading of material in the mould. Once the material is loaded the hydraulic press along with high frequency vibration compacts the material without leaving any air gap in the concrete. This ensure the material attain high strength and accurate edges. Auto stacker system would stack these pallets with freshly produced bricks ensuring low handling damages. Nanolite’s specially design Fully automated Hydro-Vibro pressing machine runs on the PLCsystem without any manual intervention.

Good Curing gives good strength and dimensional stability to Bricks. Bricks are cured by Water Curing procedure for 14 – 28 days. Because of great-Engineered properties, NANOLITE Bricks have become popular in wide range of applications in construction sector.