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Clay Bricks:

Government is making all efforts to Ban / Stop Clay Bricks Manufacturing & Usage as it consumes Top Agricultural Soil.
Also the availability of soil is a problem. In a due course of time, an appropriate action will be taken. There’s no option of a new entrant into this field

AAC Blocks :

Plant Investment is very high and has to be imported either from Germany or China and the investment is generally between Rs. 20 Crores (China for 300m3Plant) & Rs. 50 Crores (Germany for 500m3 Plant). AAC Technology also has a serious problem with Water Absorption making several builders choose CLC as the best alternate. There are some companies in India, trying to set-up AAC Plants for as less as Rs. 50 Lakhs, They call it as AAC (It cannot be called as AAC without Autoclaved) but in general it can be called as “ALC” ( An Unrecognized Technology, which is not even in Indian Standards ) BEWARE.

CLC Bricks:

These Plants are generally suitable for Brick Manufacturers, Tile & Marble Manufacturers & Dealers, Builders, Entrepreneurs, etc etc as the investment is very less. Breakeven / ROI can be achieved in less than an year. All Raw Materials are easily available and the brick is widely accepted.
There’s a huge potential in CLC Technology. Its the time to Utilize the advantage of Demand & Supply Gap