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Concrete & Fal-G Block Plant


The Nanolite Concrete Block Machine is capable of producing Solid Concrete Blocks, Hollow Blocks and FALG blocks. The major raw material used in the machine includes Cement, Flyash, Stone Chips, Stone dust or sand, and water. We use vibration and hydraulic press technology to produce these products. These blocks are produced using an Egg Laying type concrete block machine. The vibration eliminates the air voids in the concrete and hydraulic press ensures proper shape and compactness and achieve high strength.

The process of producing these products include feeding the raw materials into the mixer. The ratios of raw material to be feeded are based on the target product type, strength, application, local availability of raw material and other specifications. The specially designed pan mixer or drum mixer would thoroughly mix the material till the required uniform texture and consistency is achieved. Thus, obtained wet concrete is moved to the Egg Laying Type Concrete Block machine trough concrete trolleys. The wet concrete is poured into the mould of the block machine. The vibrator is switched on for few seconds for the material to settle. More concrete is poured into the die and excess material is removed using a shovel. Then the vibrators are switched on again and the hydraulic ram would press the material using hydraulic pressure. After pressing for required duration the mould is removed leaving the blocks on the floor. The vibrators would be automatically turned off after lifting the mould with the help of a limit switch. The machine would then move forward using a travel motor attached to the machine. The cycle repeats and thousands of blocks can be produced using the same method.  

Post 24hrs after producing the blocks these are moved to a stockyard for curing. Good Curing gives good strength and dimensional stability to the concrete blocks. These products need to be cured by Water Curing procedure for 14 – 28 days. By using the chemical hardner the curing timing can be reduced drastically. Because of great-Engineered properties, NANOLITE blocks have become popular in wide range of applications in construction sector.


The products produced in this plant can be used in various applications like

Commercial building Construction

Residential building construction

Industrial Buildings and Sheds

Compound walls

Infrastructure projects

Retaining walls


✔ Low investment and high returns generating plant

✔ High production capacity of upto 3500 blocks per shift

✔ Dual vibration system ensures high compaction and strength

✔ Low maintenance and long-life machine

✔ Produces upto 14 blocks per stroke

✔ Blocks of any customizes sizes can be produced as per market demand

✔ Sturdy Pan mixer design with dual rollers ensure uniform mix with low water content

✔ Comes with travel motors which helps in easy movement of the machine

✔ Easily available raw materials across any part of the country

✔ Concrete Blocks help in increasing the carpet area by reducing the wall thickness

✔ Heavy Duty Robust design

✔ High quality bricks with perfect edges achieved

✔ Less man power required due to simplified process

Raw Materials

Solid Concrete Blocks or Hollow Blocks



OPC 53 Grade and White Cement

Stone Chips

Stone Chips

6-8mm Baby Chips



M-Sand or Stone dust in fine form



Any portable Water

FALG Blocks



From Thermal power plants



Powdered lime or limestone can be used



In fine powder form



Stone dust or M-sand can be used



Any portable Water


Solid Concrete Blocks

Hollow Concrete Blocks

FaL-G Blocks

Note: The above mentioned products can be produced in different dimensions based on requirement.

Plant Types

Egg laying Concrete Block Machine with Drum Mixer

Technical Specifications
Mixer Type Drum Mixer
Mixer Capacity 10/7 cu.ft
Production Capacity 300 per hour
Production Capacity 2500 per shift
Platform Area required 2500 Sq.ft
Plant Area Required 2000 Sq. Yards
Man Power Required 5
Total Power 12HP

Egg laying Concrete Block Machine with Pan Mixer

Technical Specifications
Mixer Type Pan Mixer
Mixer Capacity 400 kg
Production Capacity 430 per hour
Production Capacity 3500 per shift
Platform Area required 3000 Sq. ft.
Plant Area Required 2500 Sq. Yards
Man Power Required 5
Total Power 15HP

Specification Of Equipment


The Concrete Block machinery will take around 14days for delivery from the date of receiving order with advance. Post-delivery it will 1-2 days for installation on the machinery and trail production.

Yes, our team of technicians will visit your site and does installation of the machine and will provide training on operation and maintenance of machinery. Our team will also do trail production and ensure high quality output is delivered.

The concrete block machine is capable of only producing the block and bricks cannot be manufactured in this machinery


Yes, based on your size requirement we will manufacture the mould box

Yes, by simply changing the moulds fixed in the system you can manufacture blocks of different sizes

Changing the mould is an easy process which will take less than 30 mins for replacement by 2 people

Yes, there is no change in machinery for manufacturing of concrete blocks or FLAG blocks. Only the raw materials used and manufacturing process needs to be altered.


Yes, the motors used in the machinery are 3 phase motors so 3 phase power will be required to run them.

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