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CLC Foaming Agent

CLC Lightweight bricks are manufactured using foaming agents which when combusted with air forms millions of individual bubbles. Foam produce no reaction on concrete but it serves as a layer which is air trapped and forms no fumes or toxic. The Nanolite foaming agent is based on animal protein which produces high stability foam. Nanolite supplies the best quality foaming agent at best prices with ready stocks.

Glass Fiber

A glass fibre or fibre glass can be defined as “a material consisting of extremely fine filament of glass. This high grade fiber is used in CLC concrete which reduces the consumption of Cement, increases the strength and greatly reduces the breakage during handling and transport. Nanolite supplies high grade Glass fiber suitable for CLC block production at a very reasonable price.

Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride (CaCl2) has the ability to accelerate cement hydration and reduce set time by as much as two thirds. This helps to produce better quality and faster concrete products. Using Calcium chloride has additional benefits like better workability, higher strength and reduces bleeding. Calcium chloride is the most effective and least expensive cold weather accelerator for concrete. Nanolite supplies best grade of calcium chloride at very reasonable cost.

Chemical Hardner (Plasticizer)

Plasticizers are popularly known as Chemical Hardner. This is a water based chemicals used during the concrete mix which eliminates the process curing of the products. This liquid chemical is used for interlocking paver blocks, parking tiles and all cements related products for setting an early strength and also for a glossy finish. Nanolite supplies different grades of Chemical hardner for various applications based on customer requirement.

Color Oxide Pigments

Oxides are chemical compounds composed of Iron and Oxygen, oxides are inexpensive and durable pigments in paints, coatings and colour concretes. Colour oxides commonly available are in the “earthy” end of the yellow/orange/red/silver/black range mainly. These color oxides are used in the color layer of Pavers and Tiles. Nanolite supplied best brand of Color oxides are best prices.

Lacquer Polish

Lacquer polish or coating oil is ready to use polish applied on finished Tiles or Pavers. It acts as guard from sunlight, water and harsh conditions and provides high glossy finish for the products. This polish has water repellent properties which helps in protecting the paver or tile from color fading. One liter of this polish covers upto 60-80 Sq. ft. Nanolite supplies high quality polish at best prices.

PVC Moulds

PVC moulds comes in various designs of Pavers, Tiles, Kerbstones, Cover Blocks, Drainage Caps, Grass Pavers etc. PVC moulds are easier to demould and will have a very high life. Though the initial cost of these moulds are higher they more feasible as they have higher life upto 5 years and at the end of the life can be given for recycling as well. It gives an additional spring effect so that it becomes easy for the user to use the mould. It can also be used below 0 degree temperature. Nanolite supplies high quality PVC Moulds made using virgin material at best prices.

Plastic Moulds

Plastic Silicon moulds comes in various designs of Pavers, Tiles, Kerbstones, Cover Blocks, Drainage Caps, Grass Pavers etc. These moulds are very cost effective and are suitable for new plants to keep initial investment lower and try various designs. They are also very suitable for plant which are required to produce products on specific orders. Nanolite supplies high quality Plastic Moulds made using virgin material at best prices.

Plastic Side Plates or Spacer Plates

Plastic side plates or spacer plates are used to make different sizes of Blocks in single CLC battery mould. They are available in different sizes 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch and 9 inch. These side plates are manufactured using high density raw material which restricts the plates against bending or breaking after multiple uses. These side plates are easy to clean and maintain. Nanolite supplies high quality plastic side plates for best prices with ready stocks.

PVC Pallets

Regenerated plastic sheets or PVC Pallets as commonly known are manufactured by using the recycled high density plastic along with reinforcement. The raw material is pressed using heavy hydraulic pressure upto 500 tons making the sheet extremely strong and rigid. These sheets are commonly used in Automatic Brick Plants on which the bricks or Blocks or Pavers are pressed. These are also used in Parking Tiles or Pavers plant for stacking. These sheets are Termite proof, Fire resistant, water proof and are highly durable. Nanolite supplies high quality PVC pallets with premium finish and accurate dimensions.

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